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The chief financial officer (CFO) is officer of a company that has primary responsibility for managing the company's finances, including financial planning, management of financial risks, record-keeping, and financial reporting. In some sectors, the CFO is also responsible for analysis of data. Some CFOs have the title CFOO for chief financial and operating officer. In the United Kingdom, the typi


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Account Executive (Current Employee) says

"Long hours, low pay, managers who do not care and no growth opportunities. These are just a few of the problems with NOW CFO. There is high turn over because management micro manages and makes you feel like your job is constantly on the line. They will write you up for issues but they do not offer any coaching to provide you in order for you to move on and succeed in your role afterwards. Cons: Benefits, work life balance, employment opportunities, growth, toxic work environment, micro management, Hr, turn over, management"

Consulting (Current Employee) says

"Terrible company is a mans world woman are paid badly and treated like a bug on bottom of shoe. Management treats people especially woman with disrespect and mistrust"

Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Fake it till you make it is the credo of Now CFO as advised by its Phoenix Director. The imperative is to convince the prospective client that one has ability to opine about a subject that is not fully understood."

Consultant (Former Employee) says

"If you are looking for flexibility, yes, this is one of the companies that may or may not be able to provide you depending on your client base. They try to sweeten the pot by telling you what you could make as they try to bring you in, but that's not what happens at all. No bonuses for your hard work (after being promised), poor communication, management only cares about revenue."

Admin (Former Employee) says

"Company focus: REVENUE"

Consultant (Former Employee) says

"The most unprofessional organization I have ever had the misfortune to be associated with. They also do not comprehend that if you are a CPA, you are required to comply with your state's accountancy act and very likely the AICPA Code of Ethics. They also do not comprehend that the standards imposed by such state laws apply to them where they use a CPA on an engagement. Those standards are mandatory for the CPA, no options, and a CPA is criminally punishable if not followed. There assertion that their engagements are of limited scope falls flat on its face where a CPA is asked to perform such work without a very specific engagement agreement/letter. Do yourself a favor, stay away from this group of unprofessional amateurs. Cons: Everything, especially their unprofessional amateurism."

Social Media Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I got hired at now CFO on their marketing team making 10$ an hour + commission as a college graduate thinking that the workplace might be a good place for me to grow and gain experience. However this company had a lot of unfulfilled promises, they kept giving me different job titles with no compensation and I soon realized that there was no commission to start with. As I still wish the best for this company I do not want others to fall into this snare of a business that wants you to work tons of overtime for no pay. I would avoid working for this company at all cost. It is a very toxic environment with management that gossips about their employees and is not a good place to spend 40 hours a week. Beware.... Cons: Very little compensation, toxic, bad management"

Controller (Former Employee) says

"Not one I'd use. Got my info, said everything was good, then silence. No follow up, nothing. I think the jobs they post are scams. Just to get your personal information. Very poor. Cons: Rude, unethical, do not follow through, do not reply."

Consultant (Former Employee) says

"I don't have four hours, so I'll be brief: Cons: See review above"

Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Management changes diection without notice to staff but with the expectation that changes are common knowledge. Billable hours rule over every aspect."

Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Don't even apply to Now CFO. If they're screening for a position on behalf of one of their clients, be forewarned that at the last moment Now CFO will offer you more money to come work directly for Now CFO. This sounds great, but Now CFO has no plans on keeping you on long term. Their business model is based on constantly bringing in new accountants, for short term engagements and then dropping them. Zero loyalty to employees on their part. If someone's been there longer than a year, they are not an accountant but someone who works in the corporate office."

Consultant (Former Employee) says

"This company will contact you to get you onboard with a syrupy sounding deal and tell you about all the money you can make and promise you a "hybrid position" in sales mixed with bookkeeping, without delivery once in the position. You will get strung along with the promise of a "full load" of billable hours, and it will likely not come to fruition. If you disagree with the manager, you will be told that you"

Consultant/Project Manager (Current Employee) says

"I started working with NowCFO working with a great client with what seemed to be general accounting work. After some time that work changed. I went with the flow and I'm feeling more like I'm doing analyst work than accounting work for minimum wage pay. I can barely pay my bills and there's no clear answer when or if I'll ever be paid more. Only threats of keeping the client happy and expanding the market. I like my upper management. And enjoy the client I work for. There is no company culture really. And that's fine. I just wish I was compensated fairly for what I do. I browse through entry level accountant and analyst positions that start out at $55-75k per year. I'm literally at home every evening working until 3am on my work because there isn't enough time in the day to finish it and there's so much pressure on me to make deadlines. Cons: Low pay."

Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Now CFO is like a temporary agency except you are kept on their payroll when they do not have a job for you.Job stability is up to the clients Benefits are average.."

Consultant (Former Employee) says

"It's like an independent consultant gig. You have clients you visit and make sure you work out schedules with and do their work as needed. On call for questions that come up. Cons: not reimbursed for putting miles on your own car, not bonus structure for doing good, pay was not equal to work and effort"

Account Development Representative (Former Employee) says

"I liked working for NOW CFO, but I didn't like that I didn't feel like I got all of the support I needed from management and the necessary training to be able to perform at the highest level possible. I think compensation could have been better with implementing better structures and not requiring constant babysitting to make sure I got paid what I deserved."

Executive Relations (Former Employee) says

"When I applied to work here, the job description was misleading from what I was actually going to be doing. The job description didn't mention that it was a sales job relying almost 100% on outbound phone calls. Cons: No Job Security, Hard to Advance"

Current Employee - Business Development Representative says

"I have been working at Now CFO full-time for more than a year Cons: Not a lot of training, expectations are very high and abusive management"

Former Employee - Consultant says

"I worked at Now CFO full-time for less than a year Cons: Terrible benefits, instability, No room for growth, abysmal communication between partners and consultants, a smaller book of clients that seem to be mom and pop type shops, high turnover."

Former Employee - Business Development says

"I worked at Now CFO full-time for more than a year Cons: After reading the positive reviews, I agree with the growing pains. They aren’t bad, just a bump in the road. And, at first, this company does look fully supportive and engaging. Over time you recognize the training conference calls are rehearsed out of fear that the CEO will cuss management out for providing their own opinion. If anyone has feedback (new ideas, best practices) that doesn't align with his, be prepared to get screamed at- mostly partners. If you enter a market where you don't have a partner to shield you, be prepared to be ridiculed by the CEO regularly. The main Con that everyone outside of the CEO and his few "yes-men" hate is a point system that NOW CFO Utilizes to track activity company-wide. It is a great concept and tool that has been taken way too far by corporate and is too unrealistic- even for tenured employees and hard workers. Business Development is required to achieve 100 pts./week. Networking activity ranges from 1-4 points, sales activity ranges from 2-10 (10 being you hit quota, applied once). You can do the math. No matter how hard you work, no matter what the situation, if you aren’t exceeding quota consistently, you are never good enough or appreciated. Employees are disposable, and Partners only stay for multiple years because they are obligated contractually. You are overworked and underpaid. The commission structure is a joke- read and understand in depth before you agree. I quit not because of lack of success, but because after a certain point you become mentally drained by exhaustion, negativity, lack of support, and stress. Even if the model is great, it’s hard to sell when you feel so negative about the company. The amount of turnover is embarrassing, and networking partners notice. Corporate management provides fake support just to say they’ve offered it, when really, it’s eat what you kill to survive."

Former Employee - Business Development Representative says

"I worked at Now CFO full-time for less than a year Cons: No communication Don't know how to run a company Hire incompetent partners AE's don't help out want you to work 12 hour days - EVERYDAY"


"I worked at Now CFO Cons: Micromanagement High Turn Over No Loyalty to the employee Poor Management While I was there 9 people quit, 6 of those people without notice. In addition 3 people had their positions eliminated. Loosely defined culture Workaholism is extolled"

Former Employee - Consultant says

"I worked at Now CFO full-time for more than a year Cons: Turned into bottom line rather than caring about client"


"I have been working at Now CFO Cons: Look at their website. No one who interviews has any practical experience of a CFO. Beware their middle management is not over the age of 35"

Former Employee - Recent Employee says

"I worked at Now CFO full-time for less than a year Cons: Don't be fooled by the positive (fake) reviews you see about this company on this site. If you are considering taking a job at Now CFO, RUN AWAY! If for some reason you entertain this disastrous thought, start by asking them what their employee turnover is and why it is so extremely high. You can also ask them why keeping highly skilled/educated employees in the field and at corporate is impossible. Then, if for some reason you haven't ended the conversation already, ask them the most important question...…tell me about the Owner/CEO. If they don't spend the next 30-45 minutes explaining how difficult, un-professional, demeaning, vulgar, micromanaging, prideful, and unpredictable he is, they have not painted a full picture. Lastly, poor leaders will always surround themselves with poor leadership. CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED!"

Current Employee - Consultant says

"I have been working at Now CFO full-time for more than a year Cons: This firm presents itself as a go to solution for accounting and finance needs. The website lists a number of services that NowCFO in theory performs. In reality, it is a bunch of low level accountants that only know how to do basic accounting tasks. Anything above a controller level for a small private company (read: anything outside of basic accounting tasks) and they do not have ANYONE with experience and knowledge. Typical consultants are someone who takes a job for a year or so until they find someone else; turnover is incredible. This is a company of 200 consultants with a turnover over 50% is my guess. Customer service is nonexistent. The only focus is on billing hours; if quality of work is not what is expected, they will never accept responsibility. Partners are a joke - same low level accountants; hard to understand why they would be viewed by anyone in the business community as credible sources of knowledge and expertise. Business Development Representatives in many cases are embarrassing - a bunch of women who know nothing about the industry or applicable requirements. They utter nonsense most of the time; it is simply embarrassing when that happens in front of a client or business contacts. All that matters is sales and screw the clients."

Current Employee - Consultant says

"I have been working at Now CFO full-time for more than a year Cons: The only thing that matters is how many billable hours a consultant bills out. The training provided is basic and is a waste of time. You will not learn anything to further your professional career. You will be dragged into the training calls every week to listen to how to sell - that's the only thing that matters. Mangement around CEO is a bunch of yes men. There is no baseline understanding of professional communications or consultants recognition. NowCFO brings on and off people as another temp firm only with more unprofessional behavior and insane CEO."

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